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What are CLUSTERS?

What are the CLUSTERS?

A cluster means COLLABORATION:


The most widespread and best known definition is that of Michael Porter, who defined clusters as ¨A group of inter-connected companies and institutions within the same sector or market segment that are geographically proximate and collaborate to be more competitive ¨.

Clusters are therefore a COMPETITIVENESS TOOL based on collaboration between members.

The cluster collaboration philosophy is backed up by countless support measures from all spheres; business and government, both national and international as it has been found that clusters are a powerful means for achieving business internationalisation and modernisation.

Although a common EU cluster policy is still in the initial stages, it is gaining momentum and clusters are now a reality within the European economy.

The European Cluster Observatory has identified around 2,000 statistically key clusters in seventy European regions, defined as regional agglomerations within similar industries and services.

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